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  • Live Lessons

    One of the key aspects that differentiate us from others schools is that we offer LIVE training lessons. These are not just collections of videos, it's real quality CyberSec training.

  • Real Life Hacking

    We do real-life hacking, these are not just youtube videos, we offer real training with not just "realistic scenarios", we use REAL scenarios and we do it LIVE, with no camera edition, and no hidden tricks.

  • Affordable Training

    You will not find a place that offers this kind of training at the same price that we do. We have the most affordable price in the market, with a high-quality hybrid training.

Our offer.

We offer a hybrid (live and recorded lessons) training from scratch to the most advanced levels in all areas of hacking and cybersecurity.

  • Live Training

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Labs


  • What type of cybersecurity training is available at Hackers-Arise?

    Hackers-Arise offers training in offensive, defensive, and management security. It is our belief that a true cyberwarrior should be conversant in those fields to be effective. Hackers-Arise offers 4 training levels, MEMBER (beginner), Member Gold, Subscriber (beginner to Intermediate), and Subscriber PRO (advanced and specialty courses). Subscriber and Subscriber Pro are a type of hybrid training model, different than other online training schools. You can both go to live training with Master OTW (at least one course per month) and get videos of previous classes you may have missed. Videos are all here so you can access them as soon as they are uploaded. In addition, Hackers-Arise offers a Cybersecurity Starter Bundle of essential skills to start in cybersecurity. ​

  • What time and how long do the live online courses run?

    The live online courses start at 3 pm UTC in the summer and 4 pm UTC in the winter and usually run 3-5 hours with breaks for coffee, bathroom, and sometimes meals. You can come to class at any time and leave at any time. If you can only attend for part of the class, that's fine; you can review the other segments in the recordings of the class.

  • Can I get training videos and watch them anytime?

    This academy has been created with the aim that you have immediate access to the courses that you have purchased without delay, and you can watch them at your own pace as well as obtain a certificate upon completing each course that you can use to improve your resume which you can also share on all your social networks. The lessons are divided into sections so you can follow them easily. ​

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